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Bill Gates's e-mail last week - "Microsoft Progress Report: Security" - began by noting that, while malicious code is nothing new, "only in the last few years have the Internet, high-speed connections and millions of new computing devices converged to create a truly global computing network in which a virus or worm can circle the world in a matter of minutes." "Meanwhile," Gates continued, "criminal hackers have become more sophisticated, creating and distributing digital epidemics like Slammer, Blaster, Sobig and Mydoom that spread almost instantaneously, threatening the potential of technology to advance business productivity, commerce and communication." His e-mail then goes offer some insights into what he describes as "Microsoft's significant investments in four areas of security," namely:  Isolation and Resiliency Updating Quality Authentication and Access Contr... (more)

"Google's Down!?!?!?!?" - Google Search Performance Flubbed by MyDoom

Google confirmed yesterday that it experienced "slowness" for a short period of time because of the MyDoom virus. Google users experienced problems whether their own computer was infected or not. This is because the virus struck at the Google's own servers, potentially slowing it down for non-infected computers using it by bombarding the search engine with requests until its servers couldn't cope. The attack was directed at Lycos, Altavista, and Yahoo too. In Google's case, the attack received most publicity since it coincided with the company's long-awaited announcement on the va... (more)

"Jacko Attempts Suicide" Spam Scam

Sophos' global network of virus and spam analysis centers have warned of a spam campaign that claims that Michael Jackson has attempted suicide in an attempt to lure innocent computer users into being infected by a Trojan horse. The email claims that Michael Jackson has attempted to commit suicide. But clicking on the link will cause infection. Sophos has identified hundreds of the spam messages being sent, preying on intense media interest in the trial of the controversial popstar. The spam emails have the following characteristics: Subject: Re: Suicidal aattempt Message text:... (more)

Google Aims to Put Free Storage Gigabytes in the Hands of the People

It may not be certain any longer whether or not Google will complete an IPO this year, but it now looks certain to be entering the free e-mail market. Offering better anti-spam software than Yahoo Mail and Hotmail and other rivals, and throwing in 1GB of storage, Google is aiming - once the preview has been tweaked - to launch "Gmail" later this year. "Unlike other free webmail services, Gmail is built on the idea that users should never have to file or delete a message, or struggle to find an email they've sent or received," Larry Page, Google co-founder and president, told the Fi... (more)

IIS Vulnerability Update: Symantec Has (Maybe) Snagged Offending Code

On April 22 Microsoft became aware of code available on the Internet that seeks to exploit vulnerabilities already addressed as part of its April 13 security updates, code that attempts to use the IIS PCT/SSL vulnerability on servers running Internet Information Services with the Secure Socket Layer authentication enabled.  The vulnerability was addressed by bulletin MS04-011 (www.windowsupdate.com) and Microsoft urged all customers to immediately install the MS4-011 update as well as the other critical updates provided on April 13.  In addition, Microsoft published a knowledge b... (more)