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A new weapon against phishing has just been launched: The Netcraft Toolbar. It happily coexists with Google and other toolbars, says UK company Netcraft, and uses Netcraft's enormous databases of Web site information to show users all the attributes of each site they visit on the Web, including the site's hosting location, country, longevity and popularity. It also mobilizes the Netcraft community into a giant "neighbourhood watch" scheme to empower the most alert and experienced members to protect the vulnerable against fraud and phishing attacks. Toolbar features, says Netcraft, include: Clear display of sites' hosting location at all times helps you validate fraudulent urls (e.g. the main online banking site of a large US bank is unlikely to be hosted in the former Soviet Union). Once you report a phishing URL, it is blocked for other community members subsequently ... (more)

Bloggers Call For Immediate Resignation Of FEMA Director Michael Brown

- Announcing the "Change The Administration" March in D.C. - New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin tells what he thinks about his fellow politicians and people in Washington in this morning's radio interview. "FEMA Director Michael Brown must be removed from his job immediately and should be assigned to truck duty to drive and unload food and supplies to the New Orleans Convention Center thoughout the night and for the next 48 hours. This guy is an incomptenet political idiot who has no qualification to run this organization. It is completely unacceptable not to be able to drop one single p... (more)

"Security Requires Fundamentally New Thinking About Software," Says Gates

Bill Gates's e-mail last week - "Microsoft Progress Report: Security" - began by noting that, while malicious code is nothing new, "only in the last few years have the Internet, high-speed connections and millions of new computing devices converged to create a truly global computing network in which a virus or worm can circle the world in a matter of minutes." "Meanwhile," Gates continued, "criminal hackers have become more sophisticated, creating and distributing digital epidemics like Slammer, Blaster, Sobig and Mydoom that spread almost instantaneously, threatening the potent... (more)

EMC's Networked Storage for SMBs: Customer-installable SAN and NAS

Information storage and management specialists EMC Corporation just set a new industry benchmark for what it calls "affordable, easy-to-use networked storage" with the introduction of the EMC CLARiiON AX100 - a customer-installable networked storage system capable of storing up to three terabytes of information. Joe Tucci, EMC's President and CEO, said, "EMC has, by far, the most comprehensive networked storage lineup in the industry. We've taken many of the features found in our CLARiiON CX systems and have integrated them into the EMC CLARiiON AX100. This system will give our c... (more)

"Google's Down!?!?!?!?" - Google Search Performance Flubbed by MyDoom

Google confirmed yesterday that it experienced "slowness" for a short period of time because of the MyDoom virus. Google users experienced problems whether their own computer was infected or not. This is because the virus struck at the Google's own servers, potentially slowing it down for non-infected computers using it by bombarding the search engine with requests until its servers couldn't cope. The attack was directed at Lycos, Altavista, and Yahoo too. In Google's case, the attack received most publicity since it coincided with the company's long-awaited announcement on the va... (more)